The big challenge I bet you didn't know you must face #SunTzu

If I tell you that your country will get into a very serious war (as all are) and that there is no military or army to fight for the fatherland, how would you react?

Now imagine that you are in your everyday routine, whether at work, school, or at home, when suddenly some people arrive who kindly request you to go with them urgently. You agree with curiosity and skepticism (you should not trust strangers).

It turns that they take you to the headquarters of the central government, where the president informs you that you have been chosen to form the country's army, recruit volunteers, acquire weapons, get in front of all divisions as a general, and then go to war to defend your country.

You affirm that you do not have the necessary military training, you don't know how to fight, don't know who the enemies are, you have no notion of resource management in times of war, leadership, and all the essentials that you must have as a general.

But they don't care, they argue that you were chosen and you should simply assume the position and fulfill the duty, for the country, for the nation, for your family.

I think we agree that the disaster will be looming over the country. The chances of winning are minimal, if not zero.

Let me notify you the above fiction is not far from reality. You are in a war and you're a general. You don't have the chance of decline the responsibility, you should simply assume the position.

This war is conducted in the field of economy. Think about it: resources are few, the needs are unlimited, your competitors, colleagues and friends are all trying to conquer resources. It is a war. Without the necessary training, you'll be lost.

Here you got several pages of our book "Sun Tzu and the Art of Economic War". You can read it for free without leaving the blog. Just in case you are interested in purchasing the book you can get it from Amazon.

This book is to form you as a General to figth in the economy. You will acquire right now the tools needed for growing, to establish yourself, to conquer space, to organize and manage your own business. Even topics of social networking.

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