How I discovered we all are in an economic war...

Some people ask me where the concept for writing "Sun Tzu and the Art of the Economic War" came from, a book that sounds like military strategy of state against another for economic supremacy; but the focus I gave goes far beyond that.

As you can read in the book's introduction, the economy is the science that studies man in his struggle to solve the economic problem. This economic problem is none other than the needs that every human being have of clothing, footwear, food, reconnaissance, safety, etc.

These needs are unlimited but resources to fulfill them are limited. So everyone, wanting or not, is in a war for resources. Some seek to supply the basics and others are more ambitious, but we are all in this war: from students, professionals, to managers of large transnational companies.

Some win this war gaining safety and stability for themselves and their families, others live life fighting without winning, and others give up without even fighting.

Sun Tzu is the most famous military strategist due to his book "The Art of War". This book is full of tips, guidelines and tactical and strategic principles to overcome in any war scenario, by disadvantageous to some of the parties, stating that any general following its principles can win, regardless than the opposite army is bigger in number and better prepared.

I found many parallels between a conventional war and that economic war we all face. I've synthesize the Arte of War of Sun Tzu and applied with excellent results.

If you want to read a few pages of the book and to verify the pearls of wisdom exposed there, from Amazon you can do it at no cost by clicking here.

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