Discover the essence of the ideal strategy to overcome in the economy

We tend to have a culture by which we firmly believe that for everything in life we ​​need to work hard and make use of force face to face against our adversaries.

If we want to win a sport competition, then we must be stronger than the competitor.

If we want to achieve a job promotion, we must simply work harder than our competitors.

If we want to be rich, we must to work hard.

From this follows that if we are not so strong, wise and capable as our competitors, we will have no chance to win.

This is part of our inherited culture. Certainly, it is important to persevere, to strive, to fight ... but not fight for fighting, we must have a well-defined strategy, as discussed in our book "Sun Tzu and the Art of Economic War".

According to Sun Tzu, if our opponent is strong, our confrontations should never be frontal. Therefore he asserts that no matter if you are less numerous, weak and without resources, compared with the adversary, he can always be defeated. A matter of strategy.

The strategy consists of a plan drawn up in order to achieve victory, essentially avoiding the strengths of the competitors, attacking the weaks points and strengthening our own weaknesses.

Do you want to ascend in the company? Do not compete shoulder to shoulder with your comrades, instead mark yourself where they fall short, while you strengthen your weaks points.

Do you want to run your own business? Do not throw in direct competition with the big boys. Provide to the market what they can not. Be strong where they are weak.

 Certainly you will overcome.

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