As Venezuela has done to Israel: New book

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Sun Tzu gives you the key to run your own business successfully

Everyone want to run their own business and also be prosperous. All of us are aware that running our own business is the way to gain economic independence and achieve our maximum potential. I think we all agree that whoever is employed can even achieve stability and safety, but economic independence and development we can achieve it very hardness depending on the others. So if you have not started to run your own business, you should already start.

The big challenge I bet you didn't know you must face #SunTzu

If I tell you that your country will get into a very serious war (as all are) and that there is no military or army to fight for the fatherland, how would you react?

Discover the essence of the ideal strategy to overcome in the economy

We tend to have a culture by which we firmly believe that for everything in life we ​​need to work hard and make use of force face to face against our adversaries.

How I discovered we all are in an economic war...

Some people ask me where the concept for writing "Sun Tzu and the Art of the Economic War" came from, a book that sounds like military strategy of state against another for economic supremacy; but the focus I gave goes far beyond that.

Inflation and Gold, part II

We said in the previous post that the value of paper money in our economies is imaginary.
Any government has internal and external obligations. Wages of the public sector, infrastructure, transportation, defense... are examples of what is called 'public spending'.

Inflation and gold... Part I

The problem in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America, is that the value of money on their economies is imaginary.
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